VR Player FAQs


Uploading Content

  • What types of files can I upload?
    • We accept 2D photos and videos, and 180° and 360° photos and videos.
  • What file formats are accepted?
    • We accept files that have the extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mp4 (H.264 recommended).
  • What is the max file size I can upload?
    • If you have a starter account, the max file size you can upload is 2048 MB. This should work for most 360° photos and 360° videos that last several minutes. If you need to upload bigger file sizes, please upgrade your account.
  • How much content can I upload?
    • If you have a starter account, you can upload files of sizes up to 2GB each. There is no monthly limit on how many files you can upload. If you need to upload bigger files, please upgrade your account.
  • How do I turn my uploaded content into an ad unit on the OmniVirt platform?
    • On your dashboard, select Ad Campaign.  Then select Create Ad. Choose whether you want to create a display or video ad (depending on whether you have 360° photo or video content). Upload your 360° content and continue following the steps to customize and promote your ad unit. Watch our tutorial here.

Editing Content

  • Is OmniVirt an editing software?
    • No. OmniVirt is a primarily platform to help you build interactivity and host and/or embed your 360° VR content across all browsers and devices. This mean you upload you edited content into the VR Player, add any interaction through our hotspots, and then embed!
  • Can I customize my content on your platform?
    • Yes. To do this, go to your dashboard and select My Content. Select which piece of uploaded content you’d like to edit and select Edit. Scroll down to Advanced Customization where you can add HTML to customize your video.

Building Interactivity through Hotspots

  • Can I build in hotspots?
    • Yes. Our platform allows you to build interactive 360° content using hotspots without any coding needed. Watch our tutorial here.
  • Can I add hotspots to my 2D content? Will they show up on mobile?
    • You can add hotspots to all 360° content (including stereoscopic 360°), 2D photos, 180°, and panorama images. We don’t currently support hotspot functionality on 2D video, however it is on our roadmap, so stay tuned.
  • I don’t want to label all the hotspots in my content, only some. Are hotspot labels optional?
    • Yes. Hotspot labels are optional.
  • Are hotspots customizable?
    • To customize hotspot design,  you’ll need to have a Premium Account. Our team will send you documentation to customize
  • How can I customize my hotspots?
    • You can edit your hotspot design using the Advanced Customization box on your selected content’s Edit page.

Distributing / Embedding Content

  • Which browsers and devices can my content be viewed on?
    • Your content will be viewed on all mobile devices (including mobile VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, and Cardboard) and all browsers (yes, that includes Safari iOS!). Your content can also be viewed on any headset if you integrate your content with an iOS or Android app, or on an app built using Unity. See our developer documentation for more information.
  • Can I view my 360° content on the Oculus Go’s web browser?
    • Currently, Oculus Go’s web browser does not support third party 360° video. However, this is on our roadmap. Stay tuned!
  • Is there a way to view my content offline?
    • Our platform does web-based distribution and hosting of your content, so you cannot view any content built using OmniVirt offline.
  • Do I need to be a programmer to implement 360° content?
    • No. Simply copy and paste the provided code on the Get Code page of your content to your website. No development required.
  • How do I embed the VR Player on my website?
    • To embed 360° video, all you have to do is copy and paste the embed code. We have specific embed code for whether you want to embed on a website, an iOS or Android app, or in Unity. To find this code, go to My Content on your dashboard and for your selected content, choose Get Code. You can even adjust the size of the player using this page and the code will automatically update.
  • At what resolution will my content render?
    • Our VR Player supports up to 8K resolution. By default, the player will cap the level of resolution to what your device can run. Devices are typically the limiting factor when it comes to resolution. Some phones, for example, cannot render 4K so the VR Player will not display that option when playing on that phone.
  • Where can I find more technical documentation?

Measuring Performance

  • What kind of analytics are tracked?
    • OmniVirt’s VR Analytics  tracks Plays, Completion Rate, Number of Clicks on Hotspots and a Heatmap to track audience gaze.  See this in action. Note the tag servings on the demo refer to when you convert your content into an ad unit to be served.
  • Where can I find my content’s analytics?
    • In your dashboard, select My Content. To the right of your desired content, you’ll see “Edit”, “Insights”, “Get Code” and “Delete”. Select “Insights” to access your specific piece of content’s analytics.

General / Other

  • How can I get started?
    • First, watch our tutorial on how to create interactive 360° content on our platform. Read our blog for case studies and tutorials. Check out the Explore page to see what other users are uploading.
  • What kinds of customers use the OmniVirt VR Player?
    • From history teachers in public schools to the American Museum of Natural History, from commercial content creators who sell to big brands to big brands themselves like Toyota and USAA, several types of creators and businesses use the OmniVirt VR Player to power their interactive 360° VR experiences.
  • Is spatial audio supported?
    • Spatial audio is not currently supported, however this is on our roadmap. Stay tuned.
  • Does OmniVirt support live 360° video?
    • Live 360° streaming is not currently supported, but this is also on our roadmap. Stay tuned.

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