Best VR Ad Network for VR Apps (iOS, Android, Unity)

September 30, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Unity VR Ad

OmniVirt Ad Network is VR Advertising Network which enables developers and publishers to monetize their apps/games with seamless and engaging VR experiences. Simply integrate the OmniVirt Unity Ad SDK into your Unity application/game and get paid for presenting sponsored 360° video experiences to your users. Backfill your inventory with premium CPM experiences from OmniVirt’s network of advertisers. We […]

Best 360° VR Video Player: OmniVirt VR Player

September 29, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Best VR Player

Finding a great 360° VR video player can be quite deceiving, especially when you are cranking away testing out players on a desktop and getting a great experience. Everything looks great…then it happens…you try it on mobile or an iPad. Uh-oh. It doesn’t look the same! As of this blog post date, there are a few 360° […]

A Few Examples of Effective Augmented Reality Ads

September 16, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented Reality (AR) is a term used to describe the process of amplifying or improving the visual element of the real world that people see with their own eyes, with the help of imagery created with a computer/software. To put it simply, this is a special technology that integrates digital information with the environment in […]

Top 5 Virtual Reality (VR) Statistics That Changed This Technology’s Path

By Brad Phaisan

vr stats

We all remember VR as a trend that burst out of nowhere – and was set to change the way we play, watch, and share. However, no one could have imagined the path that virtual reality (VR) devices have been on from that point up until now. This type of technology has rapidly advanced and […]

Brands can now launch AR Marketing campaigns with OmniVirt

By Brad Phaisan

AR Marketing

This week at Apple’s iPhone-centric event, the firm continued to build excitement for the future of ARKit across its devices. Two weeks ago, Google’s announcement of its ARCore platform demonstrated how Augmented Reality will be available across the Android Platform as well. Within this context, OmniVirt is excited to announce that it has added AR […]

Ritz Carlton Rewards Credit Card launches 360°VR Campaign on WSJ Homepage

July 24, 2017 By benji

Luxury travel paragon Ritz-Carlton broke new ground last week, transporting WSJ readers into iconic American neighborhoods through interactive 360° VR. The “Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card” campaign signals a strong shift in the sophistication and adoption of VR campaigns given its immersive experience, feature rich portal, and prominent masthead placement.   Experience it yourself here.   Leveraging […]

Cathay Pacific and OmniVirt launch industry-first interactive VR marketing campaign

July 13, 2017 By benji

VR Marketing

  Renowned airline Cathay Pacific flew to new heights over the holiday weekend, running the world’s first interactive 360º video advertisement. Although interactive 360° photo has been pursued in the past by other companies, the airline’s use of this interactivity in their 360° video VR marketing campaign marks a significant leap forward in immersive advertising. […]

All Possible Ways to do VR Marketing Today

July 4, 2017 By benji

VR Marketing

360° VR Video is a compelling format that has emerged in VR marketing over the past year. Unlike traditional 2D video, 360º content immerses the audience in the experience, involving viewers as part of the film. The result is better engagement, increased brand recognition, and a more intimate connection to the viewer. Given both the […]

OmniVirt Opens Monetization Platform to All Virtual Reality Apps

May 31, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

VR Ad Network for VR Apps

Today, OmniVirt is expanding its platform to provide a monetization solution for Virtual Reality Inventory. While previous announcements and case studies from OmniVirt have called out work with The New York Times, Time Inc, AOL, and many other traditional publishers to power 360° Video advertising for web inventory, with this announcement OmniVirt’s platform can be […]

Power Virtual Reality Email Campaigns with OmniVirt

May 18, 2017 By Brad Phaisan

Virtual Reality Campaigns

Most 360° VR video players will require you to download an application to watch the content on your phone. With OmniVirt, we want to make accessing 360° VR Video easy. This is why we have built OmniVirt in a way that allows you to experience and share your 360°VR videos anywhere on the web, no […]