Watch 360 Videos on Samsung GearVR using WebVR

December 13, 2016 By Jonathan

GearVR WebVR

How to Watch 360 Videos on Samsung GearVR. Hardware you’ll need: Samsung GearVR Headset Samsung GearVR ready phone (See GearVR ready phones list) Step One: Download Samsung Internet Browser for GearVR Open the Oculus Store from within GearVR Find and Download the Samsung Internet Browser If you can’t find it in the store, you may already […]

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Easily Adjust Your Zoom Level for Your 360° Video

November 29, 2016 By Brad Phaisan

We made it even easier to adjust your zoom level for your 360° Video. Whether you want your audience to be zoomed out and see a larger field of view or zoomed in for less of a stretched effect at the edges of our video player, we launched a Camera API Console so that you can […]

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Hotspots Now Fully Interactive in VR Mode

By Brad Phaisan

Hotspot Interactions in VR 360 Video

Hotspots is an awesome feature that many of our users have taken advantage of to create interactive VR experiences. We have seen many of our users take advantage of this feature for real estate tours and interactive 360° narrative experiences. That is why we are excited to announce that we have launched support for Hotspots […]

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Host & Promote Your 180° 3D Video

By Brad Phaisan

180° 3D SBS Video Support on OmniVirt

While OmniVirt already supports 360° Videos and Photos, we heard from many of you that there was another format type that you wanted to be able to easily upload and stream. That is why last week we launched support for uploading 180° 3D videos. When you upload your content, simply select the correct rendering type […]

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YouTube’s 360° Video Doesn’t Work on iPhone [Solution]

November 4, 2016 By Brad Phaisan

360 video youtube not working - how to

Frustrated by the weird video experience when trying to watch a YouTube 360° video on your iPhone when embedded on a webpage on Safari iOS? Does the video break and not respond the gyroscope and look like this? Video stretching problem when playing YouTube 360° Videos on Safari iOS YouTube’s 360° video player only works […]

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Facebook’s 360° Video Doesn’t Work on iPhone [Solution]

By Brad Phaisan


Frustrated by an error message when trying to watch a Facebook 360° videos on your iPhone when embedded on a webpage on Safari iOS. Do you receive the following message with no ability to access this content? Error while playing 360° video Safari iOS: “Facebook 360 Video Unavailable. This video can’t play in this browser.” […]

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Major Improvements to OmniVirt CMS

November 1, 2016 By Brad Phaisan

360 video CMS

This week I am excited to let you know that this improved design has made its way into OmniVirt’s content management system. Our goal with this update is to make uploading, managing and editing your Virtual Reality and 360° videos and photos on OmniVirt’s platform easier and more intuitive. Here are the highlights from this […]

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New OmniVirt Player & Ad Banner Design

By Brad Phaisan

New OmniVirt Player Design

You may have noticed a bit of a new look and feel. This week we began to roll-out our new design, which will inform our product going forward. We want to make sure that Omnivirt is the easiest place to host, distribute and promote your VR360° content. A clean and simple design that is intuitive […]

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OmniVirt Helps Washington Post Power Virtual Reality Everywhere

October 19, 2016 By Brad Phaisan

Washington Post VR Everywhere

Last week, Lexus launched a VR360° exploration of NASA mission control on The Washington Post. You may be asking, why is this special? Many brands and publishers have been investing in Virtual Reality content creation, no? Well, to date, the solution has been to upload that experience into a native VR app, which creates an […]

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OmniVirt Helps VICE launch “Three Sixty” Ad Product

September 6, 2016 By Brad Phaisan

Screenshot 2016-08-25 12.00.29

This Monday, VR/360° video ad startup, OmniVirt, launched a 360° execution on VICE’s new ad product, called “Three Sixty” launched today bringing the trailer for Beyond The Frame into VICE’s mobile and desktop ad inventory. This video series was created for the Samsung VR app on Samsung Gear VR. And, with this new ad […]

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